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The Barracuda Reboot!

This looks like a lot to read, we know. But It is a great story!B rracuda Factory 1st Ave S

Barracuda Tackle is a brand under the umbrella of Florida Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company Inc. Currently, FFTMCI, LLC is a veteran owned and operated tackle manufacturer based in St Petersburg, Florida. It has always been in St Petersburg but it was founded in the 1920’s by a man named Jack Reynolds.

Florida Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company Inc. was a true St. Petersburg original. Under the Barracuda brand name, they released iconic lures that are still manufactured today by brands like Rapala and Luhr Jensen. The Dalton Special which was one of the most iconic lures ever produced was most fishermen’s go to topwater plug for decades!

Not only were Barracuda’s lures great at catching fish but they were beautifully made. They had glass eyes and were handcrafted and painted in the factory right here in the US. To date, the antiques are still highly collectible and prized pieces.

Barracuda was open from the 1920’s to the 1970’s and had a great history. During that time they mainly focused on fishing tackle but during the war years the chipped in on the effort. Production of tackle halted and was replaced by manufacturing of parts for the US Navy. Afterwards, the fishing business kicked right in. They were always on the edge with marketing and had intricate displays.




They even had a Barracuda Branded Airplane to go visit customers!





Fast forward to 2015, the current president of FFTMCI was looking for a good cast net. After trying every high-end brand including custom and “handmade”, he knew there had to be a better net. Sure, we all know almost every net is made in China to some degree but if designed properly and quality is monitored to the utmost degree there had to be a better net. After a very long research and development process and vetting literally every mesh factory we have come up with what we believe to be the perfect cast net.

Once we had designed and manufactured our net we had to form a company and put a name on it. The new founders family and the Reynold’s were very close. His parents grew up in the original Barracuda factory on 1st Avenue South in St. Petersburg, and he grew up hearing stories of Barracuda from his family and Jack Reynold’s son whom he knew as “Uncle”. In 2017, he acquired the corporation and brand for the purpose of launching a premium cast net company and keeping the Barracuda Tackle brand alive.

In 2017, he acquired the corporation and brand for the purpose of launching a premium cast net company and keeping the Barracuda Tackle brand alive. As a company, we are not currently making any lures, but Barracuda was famous for more than just artificial bait. Now we will live up to the name of “Famous Fish Getters” by catching you more fish in a net than any other.

Today we have the blessing of the remaining Reynold’s family and once you try our nets we are confident we will have your blessing as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn a spot on your boat or in your gear. Customer service is our top priority after design and manufacture. You can rest easy that we will always be here to serve our customers.

Tight Lines,

The Barracuda Team

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