BJ'S Bait & Feed (Freeport)
Fishing Tackle, Live Bait, Frozen Bait, Pet Fish, Moving Supplies, U-Haul Rentals.
Live — Shrimp, Fiddlers, Bull/Tiger Minnows, Shiners, Crappies, Crickets, Glow Worms, Wigglers, Night Crawlers and Reds. We also sell super meal worms and minis for reptiles as well as live rats and mice.
Frozen — Big Mullet, Shrimp, Squid, and Minnows. We also offer Fresh Dead Shrimp.
We sell a extra large variety of all tackle, fishing poles for girls & guys, quick snacks, and refreshing soda, PowerAde, monster, and water!
We Sell Livestock feed by Harrell Mill Co. and Tucker Mill Co. We sell River Run Dog Food and Ruff & Tuff. We offer supplements, treats, sprays, flea medicine and wormer.
Please check out notes section for a full list of feeds for both.
We also carry square bales of hay or can special order round.
Our hours vary. We are open late during the Summer but close early during the winter. It is always best to call and find out if an employee is there.
Contact Information
19228 U.S. 331 , Freeport, Florida 32439, United States