Black Bart International

Black Bart Big Game Fishing is far more than a store, it is a concept that brothers Jack and Gary Tullius and myself put together starting with “WHAT IF”. What if we made the most advanced products, then showcased them in a unique environment. A place where fishermen from around the world could meet and share ideas with the common goal of making new products for our great sport. The Black Bart Big Game Fishing store celebrates it’s first year this June 2004. I am pleased to announce that the new store concept has already been visited by anglers worldwide from every level of talent within the sport. Each and every day I make new friends and meet with new clients. The store has become a comfort zone for those who know and want the best specialty tackle items housed under one roof in the world. My staff and I welcome you to visit, to browse around, share fish stories, photos, talk tournament, or just show off personal best, we will share with you all that we know, or have to offer.

Contact Information
155 Blue Heron Boulevard , West Palm Beach, Florida 33404, United States