Capt Jimmy Lewis

Company Profile

My father, Capt. Bob Lewis, perfected ‘kite fishing’, an effective way to catch all sorts of big gamefish. He patented and made the first fishing kite in the U.S. I specialize in using kite fishing to catch sailfish, tuna, kingfish, wahoo and dolphin (the fish, not the mammal). I have a custom built 31′ Contender that will hold up to four people. I have been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed yacht captain for over 25 years and have been fishing all my life.

To find about the different types of charters I offer please go to the Charters page.  If you would like to see what fish we are catching at this time of year turn to the Gallery page.

Hope to see you soon.  Tight lines and good fishing!

Contact Information
401 Biscayne Boulevard , Miami, Florida 33132, United States