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The Florida Keys are surrounded by miles of shallow sand and grass flats. Here, species like the bonefish root out crabs, shrimp and small fish in water as shallow as six inches. Beautiful flats are found on the Atlantic side of the Keys and in the backcountry, a region of uninhabited mangrove islands on the Gulf Side of the island chain. The Florida Keys are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Straits of Florida on the other. Outside our reef, the water plunges to depths of 1,500 feet or more. Here, colorful dolphin fish teem just below the surface along mats of floating Sargassum grass or pieces of driftwood. Billfish cruise out here too.


Chris’ Bait & Tackle carries live shrimp and crabs, chum and a wide variety of frozen bait. Frozen bait includes rigged and unrigged ballyhoo, shrimp, silversides, squid, mullet etc


Chris’ Bait and Tackle carries Owner and Mustad brand Circle and J hooks, monofilament  line, leader, Berkley Gulp products, jigs, sabikis, bobbers, a wide selection of lures, rigging tools and just about anything you need for your fishing trip. Chris’ Bait and Tackle is now a POWER-POLE Dealer and POWER-POLE WARRANTY CENTER.  

Boating Equipment
Chris’ Bait and Tackle has Coast Guard approved life jackets and dock lines.


Our Bait and Tackle store is stocked with sandwiches, candy bars, chips, ice cream, sodas, beer, wine, bottled water, and ice.

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90800 Florida 5 , Tavernier, Florida 33070, United States