Jody's Bait Shop
Bait shop located in Elberton, GA specializing in blue back herring, gizzard shad, minnows, worms, & trout. We sell non-chlorinated ice. Open on weekends; self-serve herring available 24/7. Centrally located between Lake Russell and Clark Hill. Cash onl
What are your hours?
We do not have set hours, however, we are generally open from March through September on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm (these hours vary depending on fishing conditions and when we anticipate a lot of traffic). October through February the inside portion is closed. We are a little unorthodox in that we have a “self-serve / honor system” in place thanks to two tanks located outside. That means that even if we’re not there to open the inside, you still have the ability to get bait 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
What kind of bait do you carry?
Blue back herring – available year round
*Gizzard shad – available in cooler months (spring and fall)
*Rainbow trout – available in cooler months (primarily fall and winter)
*Night crawlers/Red Wiggler worms – available year round
*Minnows – available in cooler months (primarily spring)
*Inside of store must be open in order to purchase
Do you accept credit card or electronic payments?
No, we are cash only. We are in the middle of no where and do not have wireless available in our area and barely any cell phone service.
Where do I pay for bait when no one is there?
There is a red slot on the front of the building with a big sign that says “pay here”. There are envelopes available as well. Herring is $5 a dozen.
Can I get water when I get there?
Absolutely! We encourage you to get water from us. Our water is already treated with salt, does not contain chlorine, and is the right temperature. There are blue pool hoses on the front and back of the building with a switch to turn the pump on and off. Be sure to pump out any hot water that is in the hose before you put it in your tank. BE SURE TO HANG THE HOSE BACK UP ON THE BRACKET BY THE WHITE ROPE WHEN YOU ARE DONE PUMPING WATER!!! Laying the hose on the ground will siphon out all of the water in our tank which is bad for so many reasons!
Do you have ice?
Yes we do. We sell 10 lb bags for $2. This is also available for “self-serve” when we are not there.
What are your pet peeves?
1. Leaving the pool hoses on the ground and coming in to find the whole tank empty
2. Throwing dead bait on the ground
3. Letting kids play with the bait and letting them stick their hands in the tanks
4. Throwing trash on the ground
5. Picking the bait net up out of the water, letting the herring flop around and knock their scales off, then put the bait back in the tank
Contact Information
1891 Bobby Brown State Park Road , Elberton, Georgia 30635, United States