Pelican Fender Hooks
Pelican Canvas started in 1975 specializing in custom yacht coverings. Shortly after that, in 1979, we branched out into a fender hook division, which primarily focuses on fabricating custom fit hooks for any size vessel. We service customers through out the world and create only the best hand crafted customized hooks out of South Florida.
Our Fender Hooks will protect your yacht from line chafing while maintaining a sophisticated look that compliments the style of your vessel. Our hooks permit docking with ease while allowing you to adjust the lines for any size dock or tide changes.
With over 35 years of experience in the yachting industry we are more then reliable and truly believe in providing the best customer service from start to finish. If you are a local customer we will visit the boat and gather the information needed to create a template and hand deliver the product. It is just as easy to complete the product for an out of location customer with a simple picture of the rail with the dimensions.
Protect your yacht’s varnish, paint and polished areas with only the best fender hooks in south Florida, Pelican Canvas!
Contact Information
845 Northeast Pop Tilton Place , Jensen Beach, Florida 34957, United States