Sunrise Fish Dive Surf
Tackle & Bait

All Your Fishing Tackle Needs

Rods, Reels, Braid and Monofilament Line, Teasers, Lures, Hooks, Cast Nets, Gaffs, Gloves, Pliers, Knives…

Live Bait

Our bait station has Shrimp, Fiddler Crabs and when Available: Pogies, Mullet, Pinfish, Eels, and Mud Minnows

Fresh & Frozen Bait

Ballyhoo, Ribbon Fish, Cigar Minnows, Finger Mullet, Chunk Mullet, Shrimp, Squid, Spanish Sardines, Sand Fleas, Chum and much more.

Contact Information
505 Glen Cheek Drive , Port Canaveral, Florida 32920, United States